Stay Quiet. Look Pretty. Be a Lady


Two days ago the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Golden State Warriors in game 6 of the 2016 NBA finals. The series so far has been tinged with controversy as fans from both teams debate missed calls, no calls, suspensions and who the real ‘king’ of the sport is. Would the real king please stand up? The games themselves have provided enough material to foster debates for years to come. I believe the off court drama is just as eye-catching as the on court heroics of Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and the splash brothers (Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson). One point that emerged after the game was whether the finals are rigged in favor of a team, or whether the series is being prolonged for profits. I am one of those people who found every excuse to blame everyone and everything because Golden State lost. Now, I have to let you guys know that  I am a self-proclaimed bandwagoner of the Warriors. I am a Lakers fan to the bone, but when my team is not in the finals I pick a fall back team. For the past five championships, I have supported any team that plays against Lebron. I know, I am horrible and a hater lol. Continue reading

Dive In!!

photo-1461770354136-8f58567b617a-2I presume one of the toughest part about blogging is the first blog post. What am I going to write? Will they like me? What if I run out of things to talk about? It is nerve wrecking if you ask me…But here I am! I am sitting on my couch with my comfortable socks on, my favorite glass of wine and my daughter trying to fight the sleep. I wanted to watch the new season of Orange is the new Black, but I have been putting this off for too long. Today I realized it was time to get the journey started. Come with me as I talk about all the things we find interesting. I may rant about the exes who treated me bad, the mean client at work, the love I have found in my new relationship, my daughter spilling her juice on my beige carpet, or the more serious topics such as body image issues, women and gender issues, or my daily motivation. Enjoy the ride guys.

xoxo, Sam