Getting Back Into The Saddle…



I recently posted about serial dieters and included tips that would lead to a healthier lifestyle. What I failed to talk about is the fact that many of those struggles are actually mine. From I was A toddler to around fours years ago I remained slender. In 2012 I had my daughter and even though I only gained 30 pounds throughout my pregnancy, my body never really recovered. I have dealt with weight fluctuations, lack of energy and restlessness ever since. I have not really changed my diet so my physician has trumped up the weight gain to a slower metabolism and hormone imbalance, possibly caused by birth controls.

As you can imagine, an increase in size can lead to a decrease in confidence. I found myself shying away from full body pictures and only purchasing loose fitting clothes to “hide” the weight gain. It has been almost 4 years since I have been employing every method except the right ones. My main struggle has been the discipline needed to eat well and finding time to exercise. I am the quintessential serial dieter. I have established that my level of discipline contributes to how my body is responding. I know as mothers it can be difficult to balance the mom life with all other aspects of life. Lets take this journey of a healthier lifestyle together shall we?

Whats my plan? I recently hired a trainer from One Body Fitness to assist with my journey back to a healthy weight. The plan is to train 2-3 times per week since that is what my schedule permits currently. I have also revamped my diet by reducing the amount of carbs I consume, ingesting complete meals consistently and resting the necessary hours per night.



Everyone in my circle knows that I am a tea junkie. I have a tea for every reason and possibly every season. I usually incorporate teas into my healthy/fitness journey. This is my new favorite blend. It is by Traditional Medicinals and it is called Everyday Detox. It can be found here and here. I add a few drops of Madhava Amber Raw Blue Agave seen below and voila an awesome cup of tea to start your day. I promise you’ll feel great afterwards.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing with your healthy journey. What tips would you like to share?








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